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Terms of service


Chapter 1: General Provisions

Article 1 (Purpose) These terms and conditions apply to the shopping mall service (hereinafter “Site”) provided by Leader Energy website (hereinafter “Site”) provided by Leader Energy (the “Company”). The purpose of using the service”) is to set the basic matters regarding the terms, procedures, and scope of service use.
Article 2 (Effect of Terms and Conditions and Changes) ① These Terms and Conditions take effect when they are disclosed to users through the bulletin board of the service site. A member who has agreed to these terms and conditions and signed up for membership shall be subject to the terms and conditions agreed upon from the time of agreement to the terms and conditions.
② The company may change these terms and conditions if deemed necessary. However, changes in important regulations regarding the rights or obligations of users will be announced 7 days prior to the change.
③ If the member does not agree to the changed terms and conditions, he/she may stop using the service and terminate the use contract. 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
Article 3 (Rules other than the terms and conditions) For matters not specified in these terms and conditions, related laws such as the Telecommunications Basic Act and the Telecommunications Business Act, and the provisions of the service terms and conditions set by the company, etc., detailed information about the service Follow detailed usage guidelines, usage guides and notices.
Article 4 (Definition of Terms) ① The definitions of terms used in these terms and conditions are as follows. 
1. Site: A virtual business place set up by the company to trade goods and services using information and communication facilities such as computers to provide goods or services to users. Also used as a business operator that operates the site do.
2. Member: A customer who accesses the site, agrees to these terms and conditions, and has been issued an ID (unique number) and password (password). Member qualifications and rights are managed separately for each site. 
3. ID (unique number): A combination of English letters and numbers selected by the member and approved by the company for member identification and member service use.
4. Password: A combination of letters and numbers set by the member himself to protect the member's information.
5. Operator: A person selected by the company for the overall management and smooth operation of the service.
6. Service Suspension: It refers to suspending the provision of services for a certain period of time in accordance with certain requirements set by the company during normal use.
② Definitions of terms used in these Terms and Conditions shall be in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and guidance for each service, except as provided in Paragraph 1 above.

Chapter 2 Service Use Agreement

Article 5 (Establishment of Use Agreement) ① Customers who apply for service who want to use the service are deemed to agree to these terms and conditions by reading and expressing their intention to agree (eg, click the Agree button) when applying for service subscription.
② The contract of use is established when the company approves the application for use of the customer applying for use. The time of establishment of the contract of use shall be the time when the company's approval reaches the customer applying for use.
Article 6 (Application for Service Use) ① Application for use is online or a separate method determined by the company.
1. Name 
2. ID (unique number)
3. Password
4. Date of Birth
5. Mobile phone number
6. E-mail address
7. Other matters deemed necessary by the company
② If the customer applying for use is a minor under the age of 14, he/she may apply for a use contract with the prior consent of his/her legal representative (parent).
③ In the event that the company provides a specific service of another company to the service through a link method through the conclusion of an alliance, even if the customer applying for use has applied for a contract for the use of the company's service, a separate service contract may be requested for this specific service. can.
④ If the company has obtained prior consent from the members of the site with which the company has partnered and other sites owned by the company, information about the service, such as name, ID, password, date of birth, landline phone number, mobile phone number, e-mail address, etc. Some of the contents of the application for use are recognized as already applied.
Article 7 (Approval and Restriction on Application for Use) ① The company applies for service use in principle in the order of receipt if there is no problem in business performance or technology with respect to the customer who has applied for use accurately described in accordance with the provisions of Article 6 Please accept it immediately.
② The company may refuse to accept an application that falls under any of the following subparagraphs.
1. In case of false application when registering as a user, such as using someone else's name, or using someone else's name
2. If user registration information is omitted or there is false information
3. In the case of an application for the purpose of impairing or impairing the social well-being or morals
4. If the member has ever lost his/her membership due to reasons attributable to the member
5. In case the application requirements set by other companies are not satisfied
③ The company may withhold approval if the application for service use falls under any of the following subparagraphs.
1. When there is no room for service facilities
2. If there is a technical problem with the service
3. If it is difficult to approve the use of the service due to other reasons

Chapter 3 Service Use

Article 8 (Service hours) ① In principle, the use of the service is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unless there is a special obstacle in the business or technology of the company. However, this is not the case when the company needs service inspections and measures, such as regular inspections and emergency measures.
② The company may divide the service into a certain range and set the available time for each range separately. In this case, we will notify you in advance.
③ The company may temporarily suspend the service without notice due to unavoidable reasons such as urgent system inspection, expansion and replacement.
Article 9 (Changes and Suspension of Services) ① The company may notify the members of the contents of the service to be changed and the date of provision, and may change and provide the service.
② The company may suspend the provision of services in any of the following cases.
1. In unavoidable cases due to construction, such as repair of service facilities
2. When the key telecommunications business operator stipulated in the Telecommunications Business Act suspends the telecommunications service
3. In case the service cannot be maintained due to various circumstances of the company, such as termination of the contract with the service provider
4. In case of other force majeure reasons
③ The company may restrict or suspend all or part of the service when there is an obstacle to the normal use of the service due to a national emergency, power outage, failure of service facilities, or excessive use of the service.
④ When the company restricts or suspends the use of the service, it shall notify the member without delay of the reason and period of restriction. However, this is not the case if prior notice is not possible due to service interruption due to reasons beyond the company's control (system administrator's intentional system down without negligence, etc.).
⑤ The company is not responsible for any problems arising from the change or suspension of the service.
Article 10 (Integrated membership system) ① Members can use the site specified in Article 4, Paragraph 1 of these Terms and Conditions and the services of the site through one integrated ID and password.
② The company may request a separate or additional sign-up procedure from members to provide specific services on some sites, and when using the service, the terms and conditions and regulations for the site or service take precedence over these terms and conditions.
③ The company may manage the integrated membership system including member ID or improve or change the site or service so that members can use the site and services easily.
④ Even if the company's site increases or decreases after the initial application for service use, these terms and conditions apply unless otherwise specified in the terms and conditions. can inform.
Article 11 (Provision of Information and Posting of Advertisements) ① In operating the service, the company may post various information on the service screen or provide it to members through e-mail, SMS and letter mail, and operate the service Advertisements may be posted on the homepage, service screen, SMS, e-mail, etc.
② The company is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by members participating in, communicating, or transacting with advertisers posted on the service or through this service. Even if a problem occurs between users and advertisers, the users and advertisers must solve them themselves, and the company does not take any responsibility in this regard. 
Article 12 (Deletion of Posts or Contents) ① The company may delete all contents (including transmission between members) within the service posted or delivered by members without prior notice if it is determined that they fall under any of the following cases takes no responsibility whatsoever.
1. In the case of content that slanders the company, other members, or third parties or damages the reputation of the company by slander
2. In case of dissemination of information, sentences, figures, etc. that violate public order and morals
3. If the content is recognized as being related to a criminal act
4. If the content infringes on the company's copyright, third party's copyright, etc.
5. In case of exceeding the posting period stipulated by the company through the detailed usage guidelines prescribed in Paragraph 2
6. If the content is not related to the service provided by the company
7. Posting unnecessary or unauthorized advertisements or promotional materials
8. In case the content is created by stealing another person's ID or name, or if the information entered by another person is forged or altered without permission
9. In case it is judged to be in violation of other related laws and company guidelines
② The company may separately set and enforce detailed guidelines for postings, and members must register or delete various postings (including transmission between members) according to the guidelines.
Article 13 (Copyright of Posts) ① Copyright for works created by the company belongs to the company.
② Copyrights, rights and responsibilities of posts posted by members in the service belong to the members who posted them. The company reserves the right to post it within the service. 
③ The company cannot use the post for any other purpose without the consent of the member who posted it. However, the posting location of a post may be changed without changing the content of the original post for reasons such as integration between sites operated by the company.
④ Members shall not use the information obtained by using the service for commercial purposes by processing, selling, duplicating, transmitting, publishing, distributing, broadcasting, or other methods without the prior consent of the company, or allowing a third party to use it.
⑤ The company is not obligated to inspect the posts of members through regular monitoring and is not responsible for it.
⑥ The company does not bear civil or criminal responsibility for any posts posted by members in the service infringe other people's copyrights, program copyrights, etc. If the company receives an objection such as a claim for damages from others on the grounds that the member has infringed on the copyright or program copyright of another person, the member shall endeavor to indemnify the company, and if the company is not exempted, the member will You will be responsible for all damages incurred.
Article 14 (Mileage system and prize payment) ① The company may provide mileage and various prizes to members.
② The company may separately set and implement detailed usage guidelines related to mileage acquisition and usage methods, and members must follow the guidelines.
③ The company may not provide or receive the minimum information (ID, other information necessary for identification of members, name, address, and phone number required for delivery in case of delivery of goods) necessary for mileage accrual and use of mileage partners and members. there is.
④ If it is confirmed that mileage has been acquired by other illegal methods not stipulated in the detailed usage guidelines set by the company, the company may take other measures such as deletion of the member's mileage collection ID and criminal prosecution.
⑤ Members must bear all expenses such as taxes and utility bills and deposit fees incurred in the case of gift receipt, etc. However, if the member's personal information is found to be false or if these bylaws are not observed, the provision of prizes, etc. may be cancelled.
⑥ If a member selected as a prize beneficiary or winner by the event event method does not receive the prize after a certain period set by the company even after the selection is confirmed or the prize is returned due to unknown address, etc., it is recognized as giving up receiving the prize You can cancel payment, etc.
⑦ All prizes, prizes, and various benefits such as mileage accumulation are limited to members separately determined by the company, and mileage may be accumulated differently depending on the member's criteria.
⑧ The company may set the validity period of mileage, and the remaining mileage will be automatically depleted upon withdrawal of membership.
⑨ Members cannot transfer prizes, prize money, mileage, etc. to others.
Article 15 (Service Product Terms and Conditions) Separate terms and conditions such as service product terms and conditions may exist for service use. Separate terms and conditions may exist depending on the service product to be added.

Chapter 4 Obligations of Contracting Parties

Article 16 (Obligations of the company) ① The company shall allow the service application customer to use the service on the desired service start date, unless there are special circumstances.
② In order to provide continuous and stable service, the company will repair or restore facilities without delay when there is a failure or loss of the facility, unless there is an unavoidable reason.
③ If the opinions or complaints raised by the members are objectively recognized as justifiable, the company must immediately deal with them through appropriate procedures. However, if immediate processing is difficult, the member must be notified of the reason and processing schedule.
④ The company complies with laws and regulations related to the operation and maintenance of services, such as the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, the Protection of Communications Secrets Act, and the Telecommunications Business Act. 
Article 17 (Responsibilities of Members) ① Members shall not engage in any of the following acts when using the service.
1. In case of criminal activity or inducing criminal activity
2. In case the purpose is to carry out anti-state acts
3. In case of planning or executing the service use for the purpose of hindering the national interest or social public interest
4. In case of harming good customs or other social order
5. In the case of an act that damages the honor or disadvantages of others 
6. In case of transmitting a large amount of information for the purpose of interfering with the stable operation of the service or continuously transmitting advertisement information against the will of the recipient
7. In case of distributing computer virus programs that cause malfunction of information and communication facilities or destruction of information 
8. In case of infringing the intellectual property rights of the company, other users, or third parties
9. When information obtained by using service information is reproduced or distributed or used commercially without prior consent of the company
10. When a member posts pornography on his/her blog or bulletin board or links to obscene sites
11. In case of intentionally obstructing the operation of the service
12. In case of violation of other related laws
② Members must comply with these terms and conditions, terms and conditions for each service, detailed guidelines for use, notices, and related laws, and must not engage in any other acts that significantly impede the performance of the company's business.
③ Members cannot engage in sales activities to sell products using the service except in cases officially recognized by the company, and in particular, hacking, profits through advertisements, commercial activities through obscene sites, illegal distribution of commercial S/W, etc. Unable to. The company is not responsible for the results and losses of business activities caused by violating this rule, and for legal actions such as arrest by the relevant authorities.
④ In the event of a change in the terms of the contract of use, such as address and contact information, the member must immediately notify the company or change it himself, and the member is responsible for the consequences of not reporting it.
⑤ When applying for membership or changing member information, a member must fill out all matters based on the facts under his or her real name, and cannot claim any rights when registering false or other people's information.
⑥ Members cannot transfer or donate the right to use the service or other contractual status to others, and all rights and responsibilities, including copyrights for posts, rest with the member who posted them.
Article 18 (Obligations and Responsibilities for Management of Member ID and Password) ① Members are responsible for all management of member ID and password.
② Member ID (unique number) cannot be changed without prior consent of the company, and must not be used by a third party.
③ The member is responsible for any negligence or illegal use by a third party caused by the member ID and password registered by the member.
Article 19 (Notification to Members) ① In the event of a notice to a member, the company may send it to the member's registered e-mail address or SMS.
② In case of notice to many unspecified members, the company may substitute individual notice by posting it on the service bulletin board.
Article 20 (Protection of member's personal information) The company strives to protect members' personal information, including member registration information, in accordance with relevant laws. Members' personal information protection is governed by the relevant laws and the "Personal Information Protection Policy" set by the company.
However, the company's privacy policy does not apply to linked sites other than the company's official site. In addition, the company is not responsible for any information exposed due to reasons attributable to the member.
Article 21 (Consignment of Personal Information) In principle, the company performs tasks such as handling and management of collected personal information by itself, but if necessary, it may entrust some or all of its work to a company selected by the company.

Chapter 5 Termination of Contract and Restriction of Use

Article 22 (Termination of Contract and Restriction on Use) ① When a member wishes to cancel the service use contract, the member must apply for termination on the site or with the company through a separate use method determined by the company.
② If a member does not fulfill the member's obligations stipulated in Article 17, the company may immediately terminate the use contract or suspend the use of the service without prior notice.
③ If the member does not fulfill the obligations borne by the member in relation to the use of goods and other services purchased using the service, the use of the service may be restricted or suspended.
④ The company notifies the member who has not used the service for 6 months after joining the membership, asking for their intention to use the service, and if there is no response within the time limit set by the company, the contract may be terminated._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_
⑤ The company may restrict the use of the service when the member has not completed the registration of the mobile phone service company's registered name and the real name of the actual user.

Chapter 6 Compensation for Damages and Other Matters

Article 23 (Compensation for Damages) ① In the event that a member violates the provisions of these terms and conditions and causes damage to the company, the member who violates these terms and conditions shall compensate all damages incurred by the company.
② In the event that the company receives various objections, including claims for damages or lawsuits, from a third party other than the member due to illegal acts or violations of these terms and conditions performed by the member in using the service, the member shall be responsible and liable for his/her own expenses. The company must be indemnified, and if the company is not exempted, the member must compensate for all damages caused to the company.
Article 24 (Disclaimer) ① The company is not responsible for the contents of information, data, facts, reliability, accuracy, etc. posted by members on the service.
② The company is exempted from liability for service provision if it is unable to provide the service due to a natural disaster or force majeure equivalent thereto.
③ The company is not responsible for any obstacles in using the service due to reasons attributable to the member.
④ The company is not responsible for the loss of the revenue expected by the member using the service or for any damage caused by the data obtained through the service.
⑤ The company shall not be held responsible for damages caused by the intentional or negligence of the member among the damages incurred by the member in connection with the use of the service. In addition, the company is not responsible for compensation for the mental damage suffered by other members while using the service.
⑥ The company has no obligation to intervene in disputes between members or between members and a third party through the service, and is not responsible for compensation for damage caused by this.

Chapter 7 Use of Services

Article 25 (Provision of Services) ① The company provides the following services to members.
1. E-commerce service: Refers to the service provided by the company through the website and related additional services.
2. Sales related support service
3. Purchase-related support services
4. Contract signing, payment service
5. Product search information service
6. Other e-commerce related services
7. Advertising and promotion services of this service
Article 26 (Purchase of Products) ① Before purchasing a product, a member must accurately check the details of the product and the terms of the transaction written on the website before making a purchase. Members are responsible for all damages incurred by purchasing without checking the contents of the product to be purchased and the terms of the transaction.
② The purchase contract of the product is concluded when the member expresses his/her intention to purchase in response to the conditions of sale of the product.
③ The company provides a method for members to pay for product sales by methods such as bankbook or credit card.
④ The information entered by the purchasing member in relation to the payment of the product sales price and the responsibilities and disadvantages incurred in relation to the information shall be entirely borne by the purchasing member.
⑤ The company takes measures so that the purchasing member's product purchase contract can be confirmed through my purchase history.
⑥ The company may check whether the purchasing member has a legitimate right to use the payment method used to pay for the sale of the product, and suspend the transaction until the verification is completed, or the transaction cannot be confirmed. can be canceled.
⑦ Products can be re-downloaded regardless of the date of purchase (the re-download period may be set separately for each specific product group), and the company is not responsible for any losses due to damage or deletion of the purchasing member after that.
Article 27 (Regulations on Refunds) ① If a product purchased by a purchasing member through this service is immediately available for purchase or can be viewed as used, due to the nature of the product and related laws (e.g. consumer protection in e-commerce) Refunds may not be possible after purchase due to legal reasons for cancellation of subscription, etc.). However, if it is difficult or impossible to achieve the original purpose of use of the product due to a serious error in the function of the product, or if it cannot be regarded as a case in which the value of the product has significantly decreased due to the use or consumption of the consumer, the purchasing member may You can request a refund to the company's customer center. The customer center forwards the refund request to the technical support center, examines the refund request, and notifies the purchasing member and the company of the result.
② A purchasing member requesting a refund must provide evidence of product defects to the company customer center.
③ The refund request period is subject to the period stipulated in the relevant laws (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.).
Article 28 (Intellectual Property Rights of Products) ① Copyrights and other intellectual property rights of products sold belong to the manufacturer of the product, and the manufacturer is responsible for infringing on the copyright or other rights of others._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
② The purchasing member purchases the right to use the product from the manufacturer through this service, not the copyright or other intellectual property rights of the product. Acts that infringe copyright such as unauthorized copying or transmission of products without the express permission of the manufacturer are not permitted.
③ The purchasing member may not use the purchased product for profit-making purposes such as processing, resale, publicity, or to a third party.
Article 29 (Intellectual Property Rights of Posts) ① Copyright and related responsibilities for posts posted by members in this service rest with the member, and the company has the right to post and use other posts within the service to activate the service loses.
② The company does not bear any civil or criminal liability for any posts posted by members in this service infringe other people's intellectual property rights, such as copyrights. If the company receives an objection such as a claim for damages from others on the grounds that the member has infringed the intellectual property rights such as copyright of another person, the member shall endeavor to indemnify the company. You must bear all damages incurred.
③ The company cannot use the post for any other purpose other than the use of the service without the consent of the member who posted it. However, in the case of having media, telecommunication companies, etc. report or broadcast the contents of the user's post for the purpose of promoting the company's service, the consent of the member is sought.
④ The company may delete the posts posted by the member if the member terminates the contract of use and withdraws from the subscription or the contract of use is terminated for a legitimate reason pursuant to these terms and conditions.
⑤ The copyright for the work created by the company belongs to the company.
⑥ Members may not use the materials posted on this service for commercial purposes, such as processing or selling information obtained using this service, or allow a third party to use them. Received. 
Addendum (Enforcement Date) These terms and conditions are effective from June 20, 2019  .

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