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* Purpose of collection and use of personal information *
  1. BBS e-Board collects personal information for the following purposes.
    (present the purpose of collection for each collection item)
    - Name, ID, password: Used for identification process according to membership service use
    - Email address and phone number. (Whether to receive the newsletter):
      Securing a smooth communication channel, such as delivering notices, checking yourself, handling complaints, new services,

      Information on the latest information such as new products and event information
    - Bank account information, credit card information: payment for paid information
    - Address, phone number: Securing the correct delivery address for invoices, giveaways and shopping items delivery
    - Gender, date of birth, address: demographic analysis
    - Other optional items: Materials to provide personalized service
  2. However, sensitive personal information (race and ethnicity, ideology and creed,

      place of birth and domicile, political orientation and criminal record, health status and sex life, etc.) will not be collected.

* Items of personal information to be collected *
   BBS You can freely access most of the contents of the e-Board without a separate registration process.
   BBS To use e-Board's membership service, you must enter the following information and select

    There are no restrictions on using the service if you do not enter the items.
  1. Scope of personal information collected during membership registration
    - Required items: i-PIN number, name, desired ID, password, password search question, password search answer, email address (newsletter receipt or not), address , phone number, gender, date of birth
    - Optional items: company name, business registration number, type of business, item, nickname, mobile phone number, fax number, occupation, website address
  2. Scope of personal information collected when using paid information
    - ID, password, name, and i-PIN number as identification information
    - Depending on the payment method
      Bank name, account number, and trader name
      Credit card type, card number, expiration date, password, installment period
      Mobile phone number
    - As information necessary for delivery, the names and addresses of the sender and recipient, zip code, contact information, etc.
  3. Personal information collection method: website

* Period of retention and use of personal information *
  1. Your personal information will be processed when the purpose of collecting or providing personal information is achieved as follows.

      will be destroyed.

      If it is necessary to retain it for a certain period for reasons such as confirmation, it is retained for a certain period of time.
    - Member registration information: In case of withdrawal from membership or expulsion from membership, for special reasons

      Obtain consent by specifying the purpose of retention, period, and personal information items retained in advance.
    - Records on contract or withdrawal of subscription: 5 years
    - Records on payment and supply of goods: 5 years
    - Records of consumer complaints or dispute resolution: 3 years
  2. When you request to view transaction information held with your consent

      BBS e-Board takes measures so that it can be viewed and checked without delay.

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